Affiliate marketing is a pay-for-performance channel where you pay when a predetermined action is achieved.

This action can be a sale, a lead or simply traffic to the website. This way the merchant is in control of the results that they wish to achieve and can set the rates to reward affiliates accordingly.   It differs from display advertising where you pay each time the banner is served (impressions) or Paid Search when you pay for every click.

It is easy to set-up an affiliate channel but generating real volumes and value can be daunting.  Dedication, knowledge and commercial awareness are all necessary to create a truly successful affiliate program.

Internationally, affiliate marketing is moving from tech-heads churning out well optimised but ugly sites to full-time commercially savvy professionals.  Whilst we think New Zealand is lagging behind the rest of the world, the affiliate model is well suited to the typical kiwi that is keen to make a buck on the side!

In recent times affiliates have evolved into various forms and with the recent recession there’s been a massive increase in people searching for discount codes, which has really helped to cement affiliate marketing as a channel, making it a route to market that no merchant with an eCommerce website can ignore.

Affiliates can be grouped in the following types:

  • Paid SearchAffiliates – bidding on agreed keywords
  • Content Affiliates – developing bespoke sites with the ultimate aim of driving traffic to your site
  • EmailAffiliates – have built up significant lists from competitions etc.

How can we help?

As well as helping you set-up an affiliate program we can help you formulate a long term strategy to continuously deliver incremental growth through the affiliate channel, specifically:

  • Recruit new affiliates, ensuring a good mix of the different types of affiliates.
  • Relationship management – each of your affiliates is a partner and each of your partners has their own strengths, issues and situations to deal with. We work with all your affiliates to ensure that they are getting the best out of your program, and that translates to more sales to you.  This includes ensuring they are paid on time.
  • Leakage removal – your affiliates are your sales force; they deserve to be treated with respect. Many sites are unaware of how leakage (e.g. heavily promoting a freephone number) can affect the profitability of a campaign. We’ll find your leaks and either block them or agree a commercial arrangement with your affiliates.
  • Innovation – from content units to product feeds, from progressive paid search bidding rules, to exclusive offers.
  • Integration and de-duplication – integrate affiliate marketing with your other channels.  For example, it is common to allow affiliates specialising in paid search to bid on certain keyphrases agreed by you.


Duplication of orders is an issue, particularly when you are paying commission to affiliates.  If a customer clicked on your banner via an affiliate site but converted on a paid search link you could be paying twice.  We can help you define a policy e.g. ‘last click wins’ and ensure you don’t pay for duplicate orders.

Having us manage all your online channels makes campaign optimisation and de-duplication much easier.

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