We talked about the importance of adding links to external sites to start pushing the rankings on your website or blog, using techniques such as article submissions, but we’ll talk about another method after a little research can pay very well and really boost your rankings on Google. We all know what that means! Higher rankings equal visitors, more organic and more visitors equals more revenue for us! Well, let’s get the .. Forum announcement is very similar in principle to what the article that you publish everything online has a link to your site. But rather it is an article that we post, this time we will post comments on forums. There are some questions we often encounter when starting on a forum, but we are talking about this and also ways around these problems.

Steps to take when posting to Forums:

1) Firstly you will need to find the right forum to begin posting on. As forums posting is a long term thing, you’ll need to be sure this is a forum that suits your website and interests.

We also want to find a forum that Google is already aware, known as ‘indexed’. So to start browsing the Google search page and literally write “your keyword + forum”. This will return all forums Google recognizes that match your area of expertise, such as cars, gardening, gifts, whatever! Then visit these forums, and check that the forum allows you to write “signatures”. These are links that are at the bottom of messages, as a poster. You’ll soon see when you visit a couple of posts. If they do not “signatures” ditch this forum and move on.

2) You should now have a list of about 3 or 4 favorite forums for easy access later. All forums you must allow signatures. It is now time to register and create your profile. Follow the instructions of the Forum and register an account on each. It is really important that you fill in details about me, because it adds some credibility to your account, and will result in a moderator will remove you as a spammer. Also add a small photo too! Positions outside of my account info or just one or two regularly been deleted, follow the above instructions carefully. At this point, DO NOT adds a link in your signature! We want to go under the radar before we send a link or you could get erased. This is called a “double-pass” method.

3) Therefore, we must create for you. Most of the forum are the “present”. Enter here and say hello, not to mention a little about yourself, but makes no mention of a website that shows you are interested in the forum. Browse the forum and add some comment on discussions already been discussed, but there is a link to your site. Make your comments useful and at least 5 or 6 sentences so it looks like you are really interested. This is followed by a few threads to ask the question, which others can respond. Once you have some answers, and have posted about 10 times in total (you should see how many posts you have made in your profile) you’re ready to add a link. Make sure that it was about 1 week after the opening of your account before doing this!

4) The last step of the method of “double step” is to add your signature link. Visit your profile and go to signature section. We want to use “anchor text” for that. You’ve seen the text before the link is, basically, when you see a word or phrase (usually blue) that, when clicked, goes to a website. What do you need to add the signature section is your website address with a catchy text anchor, make sure to preview your signature and also to test the link by clicking it. When satisfied, click Save and the forum will automatically append your signature to all messages that you have made and all future. Not only are these links for your consideration the classification of the search, but also have a forum to visit your site visitors clicking on your signature!

5) The key to the ‘double pass’ method is to follow the above directions carefully and not rush to get the signature links up, the forum moderators will spot your game and delete your links. Once you’ve got them up and in place, post regularly to each of the forums you’re a member off. It only takes a few minutes each and will pay off very well after a few weeks! Make certain your posts are relevant and actually add value to the forums too.

Forum Posting to Boost Your Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

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