‘Extend your storefront – drive those nearby to your shop’

Local marketing is the ad served while you are reading the news in the morning on an iPad that knows you’re at home and 500m from your favorite Allpress cafe.  It’s the notification as you are passing your favourite restaurant saying they have a lunch special just for you.

Smartphones and location-based social networks allow users to interact, share, meet up, and recommend places based on their physical coordinates. This real-world connection to social media can mean more foot traffic and profits for business owners.

We can set-up campaigns using social media and mobile marketing to drive traffic to your store.  We can also help you with achieve more specific objectives e.g.

  • Do you want to sell more of a particular item?
  • Do you want more visitors at certain times of day?

Local marketing using social media

We’ll set your business up on the most appropriate social networks.

We’ll help you create incentive for people to ‘spread the word’ about your business e.g.

  • Raffles (e.g. “Everyone who checks in gets a chance to win an iPhone.”)
  • Specials for the user who checks in most often. (e.g. “Most check ins gets the first drink free every time he/she comes in.”)
  • First check in specials (e.g. “Get 20% off your order when you check in for the first time.”)
  • Digital loyalty cards (e.g. “Check in 5 times, get a free coffee.”)

Local marketing using mobile marketing

“about one-third of mobile searches have local intent”

We can target people within your vicinity with targeted ads.  Suppose you ran a smoothie bar, we can target those within a 5 kilometer radius searching on Google for a smoothie shop (or perhaps a milkshake or snack).

If people aren’t likely to be searching for your business (or you want to target impulsive shoppers!) we run a banner campaign targeting those that have interests which match your business.  Suppose you have a hardware store.  We could serve an ad to those within a 5 kilometer radius interested in DIY while they check the weather on their phone.

We’ll also ensure you have a presence on the relevant local directories as well as a Google+ page.

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