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Now, unfortunately, some people post comments to the first reason, and not thinking about the second. Let me give you a perfect example. I posted a video on my Facebook wall the other day. The theme of the video was important to the task of finding the best opportunity to network marketing, rather than jumping in and possibly lose years in bad company. Nowhere in this video I ask you people telling me what company they believe is best. No more than my own business. I mentioned the advisory service they offer, but the service is not a MLM in itself (in fact not even an affiliate program.)

It is very important to realize that most people who train in MLM, even if it is an affiliate program you can earn money, have a major MLM company and build a team there. Provide training to strengthen relationships with people, not interested in other companies! And certainly do not want other people trying to set up their contacts. By posting a comment and mention their capabilities or add your link, you train your agreement to the content owner, and all his followers. Do you think it’s a good way to build a relationship?

So how do you think I felt when people started posting links to their ability to make a comment about this video that I posted? I deleted the comments and posted my opinion that I have not had the opportunity of links added. One woman was angry and decided to hide the source of news. Another man said he thought he was on the wall, so you do not understand the difference between the flow and the new wall. For those who cannot understand this concept on Facebook, when you publish something on the wall, will newsfeed of all your friends. If anyone posts a comment, all friends of the original poster to see it. You just never post a comment on the wall for your friends when you say something that someone posted on your wall, which comes through its news service. Of course it is the same when you post a comment on a blog, all readers to see.

If you are interested in building relationships, keep in mind that any comments you post should be relevant and add value to the owner of the content and their followers. Do NOT post your opportunity unless they ask for it!

Posting comments should accomplish two things:

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