There is not a complex mathematical formula that is necessary for the understanding of fundamental mathematics related to SEO. It boils down to something like:

Traffic + Conversions = $

This is a fairly simple way of seeing things, and leaves some kind of variables that can do something like this:

  • Targeted Traffic
  • Well targeted traffic
  • conversion rate
  • Volume

But the foundation to support the SEO is primarily to direct traffic to your website and convert (or money) that traffic regardless of the conversion (or gains) methods you happen to use on your website.

There are many ways you can factor in the SEO campaign in the game, but its most basic form is to get traffic and monetize traffic.

Small-scale Approach

If the argument is that you should concentrate more on the results of direct investment in terms of income so I can buy that to some extent, but the problem remains that can not be changed, if you do not have traffic and you can not have Traffic from search engines if they do not rank highly keywords.

If the argument is that you do not have to be careful because of personal research or research facilities, or different results in the data center so I would say you exaggerate the adoption and impact. Of course, there could be a short or products or images in your search results (or tweets or new results), but I think the idea that search results are so radically different from one person to person, if different from making reports relevant classification is quite exaggerated and inaccurate (from reports I have more time). All research results from some starting point!

  • What is a matter of the whole site?
  • Question in connection with a single keyword?
  • the issue is related to a group of closely related keywords?
  • is a problem mainly affects the more competitive keywords?
  • is the question in a particular market?
  • Trends And Measurable Effects

Suppose you are interested in finding out whether the particular SEO tactic works or does not work for a specific site. View the location of the site over the tendencies of your test tactics, you can measure whether or not those particular tactic will work.

Perhaps you’ve identified a keyword that is not really as much volume as you thought it did, or what keyword tools tell you he did. Ignoring investment reports you delete an important step in research if the word is viable or not, rather than trying to guess your Analytics and it is viable or not depending on traffic. Maybe you’re ranking # 4 for that term, but the order is:




Why Ranking Is Always Useful

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