1. Creativity – The current business market has been flooded with ideas, and a lot of good ones, as a result of the ease with which new technology has allowed every average Joe to publish, or make accessible to the general public in some capacity, his or her own brilliance (or sometimes lack thereof).  Creativity is more important than ever so that your idea can break through the clutter by putting a new and innovative spin on it.  It is also essential in further developing your product to coincide with new, relevant advancements.
  2. Organization – The not so distant meltdown of our financial sector has reemphasized the importance of organization and accurate bookkeeping.  This is not only important for the accountants of the world; everyone from the top down needs to keep detailed records so that you know exactly where you and your company stand at all points in time.  Organization will also help you stay on top of the ball and keep you both on time for meetings and sending timely responses to queries.  As the world gets smaller, individual schedules seem to cram more and more to-do’s into a limited number of hours.
  3. Selflessness – In order for your business to maximize its potential or even get it off the ground, the man or woman at the helm is going to have to put their entrepreneurial goals ahead of some of their own personal life goals.  This will also mean working a lot longer than your old 9-5 job and without the secured income and benefits.  For those willing to put family and friends on the backburner and focus solely on the task at hand, despite the increasingly chaotic and distracting time in which we live, even lofty business goals are still in reach.