In order to achieve success, this idea must be clearly communicated, so that the company itself stands for exactly what it claims to offer.  Especially at the onset of a new business venture, it is essential for employees, clients and business owners alike to have a firm grasp what the business is all about, so that its product or service is not misrepresented, intentionally or unintentionally.  When the big idea either cannot withstand the test of time or is not clearly communicated through all channels, the company is plagued by unreasonable expectations across an evolving business landscape.  To steal from an old proverb, your business should not be a house made of sand, in other words, a loosely integrated stream of thoughts, products and theories.  Instead, make sure the concept is clearly thought out from a variety of angles and all ideas that stem from the base concept are clearly integrated to promote the same identity.   If your business rests on a firm foundation, in the form of a concrete idea, from there you can continue to build upwards, expanding in a way that is consistent with the company’s established codes and values.  This allows for on-strategy innovation while limiting the unexpected surprises that spring up all too often when the central concept is not clearly communicated.